Started in 1999 with a project to map out man hole covers, back then, computers had glitches–all the time–. When programmers got better, i needed another revenue stream, so i learned about hosting, registering and creating websites–the do’s and don’ts–still learning, BTW..  again–new revenue stream, credit card processing- and using more photos and videos into the websites.. All this morphed into printers, plotters- certified in numerous manufacturers and then comes wifi.. A lot of do’s and don’ts here as well and how to configure routers and NAS devices. Laptop, desktop and server repair, upgrades, virus removing and the like… and we still believe in treating others as we would like to be treated–fairly and with honor.. We will come to your home, and place of business, we service within a 2 hour radius of Canton Ohio  and still only charge $35.00 /  hour…call us at 330-806-4254 to get the help you need.